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Basic models

Regular offers of housing loans have the following conveniences:

  • Regular interest rate starting from 8.00% with currency clause in EUR (EIR 8.81%*)
  • loan models with and without guarantors and deposits
  • loan amount up to 150,000.00 EUR in KM countervalue
  • disbursement up to 20% loan amount in cash for payment of various costs related to housing purpose
  • granting loans for refurbishment and annexing even in case loan applicant is not the owner of the relevant real estate
  • great selection of collateral combinations of loans in accordance with clients' possibilities  
  • payment of fees, deposits and other collaterals from granted loan
  • without fee collection in case of repayment of existing housing loan by using new housing loan in the Bank
  • Selection of repayment date of monthly annuities at any date in the first half of month
  • More favourable calculation of creditworthiness

Loan beneficiaries

  • BiH residents with regular monthly income and BiH citizens working abroad with or without regular monthly income, with the obligation of having creditworthy solidary debtor who is BiH resident having regular monthly income
  • As at the due date of the last annuity, loan beneficiary shall not be older than 65, while solidary debtors and/or solidary guarantors with regular monthly income shall not be older than 70
  • Loan beneficiary and possible solidary debtors and/or solidary guarantor shall not have any outstanding liabilities by any basis towards the Bank or other banks on the day of submitting the loan application
  • In case the owner of real estate over which the Bank establishes lien is married, apart from defined documents, the loan applicant will enclose the written statement of a spouse confirming that s/he consents to establishment of lien over the relevant real estate. Spouse/partner status is determined based on excerpt from the marriage registry not older than 30 days or based on written statement.

Purpose and loan amount

  • Purchase, purchase with refurbishment and building business premises, apartments,  lofts, and garages, purchase and municipal land development with building under conditions that building is allowed on the very land by urban plan from 15,000.00 EUR  to 150,000.00 EUR in KM countervalue
  • Refurbishment, finalizing and annexing the facility in the amount from 7,500.00 EUR to 30,000.00 EUR in KM countervalue

Loan repayment period

  • Up to 30 years for purchase, purchase with refurbishment, building, finalizing, and annexing, and purchase and municipal  land development with building
  • Up to 20 years for refurbishment, finalizing and annexing facility

Grace period

  • Up to 12 months which is included in the loan repayment period, however the loan beneficiary does not have to use the grace period. 

Loan interest rate

  • Starting from 8.00%, annual, variable, for loans in currency clause in EUR (EIR 8,81%*)

Type of loan

Without deposit
(receives regular monthly incomes to account in the Bank)

With 10% of deposit
(receives regular monthly incomes to account in the Bank)

Without deposit
(does not receive regular monthly incomes to account in the Bank)

With 15% of deposit
(does not receive regular monthly incomes to account in the Bank)

Housing loans

EIR 8.65%*

EIR 8.49%*

EIR 8.81%*

EIR 8.59%*

* EIR - Effective interest rate being calculated for maximum loan amount, maximum loan repayment and maximum fee for loan processing


  • 1.60% of granted loan amount for purchase, purchase with refurbishment, building, finalizing, and annexing, and purchase and municipal  land development with building


  • certified documents on account foreclosure upon consent of all loan participants
  • blank bills of exchange signed by all loan participants
  • mortgage over real estates with estimated value of at least equal to loan amount (1:1)
  • mortgage over real estates may be established over real estate being subject to purchase or over another real estate
  • insurance policy from basic dangers for the real estate over which the mortgage secured in favour of the Bank is being established
  • appraisal of real estate's value carried out by court appraiser for real estates
  • copy of original Mortgage Agreement prepared by notary public and land registry certificate with encumbrance registered in favour of the Bank
  • Housing loans are granted:
    • With one guarantor for loans with or without deposit in case the loan beneficiary receives salary on current account opened in the Bank, carrying out regular operations by it 
    • With two guarantors for loans with and without deposit in case the loan beneficiary does not receive the salary on current account opened in the Bank and if s/he contracts the activation of the statement on salary foreclosure.
  • Possible combinations of collaterals
  • The Bank retains its rights to ask for additional collateral depending on criteria for risk assessment (company where the loan applicant works, credit history of loan applicant) or to reject the client due to information available to the Bank

Securing the loan with special-purpose deposit

  • Instead of the enumerated collaterals, loan beneficiary may, as a loan collateral for housing loan, deposit the special-purpose deposit in the amount of 10% (clients) of granted loan amount or 15% (non-clients) of loan amount, and thus obtain the more affordable conditions for loan granting. The deposit is placed with special-purpose with repayment period and interest rate in accordance with Bank's valid acts defining special-purpose term deposits with the clause that this deposit serves as collateral and that it cannot be made available until the loan is completely repaid, unless it is used for early, definite, loan repayment.

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