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Attic and Magna Graecia pottery

Myth and archaeology


Our collection of Attic and Magna Graecia vases includes artefacts found in the necropolises in ancient Ruvo di Puglia, located in the Province of Bari.

Made between the 6th  and 3rd  centuries BC in Apulia and Lucania or imported from Athens, the ceramics were a prestigious part of the rich burial practices adopted by the aristocracy of Apulia.

Most of them were used to store food, liquids and unguents; they combine the practical with the exquisitely artistic, decorated as they are with figurative paintings in red or black.

 The collection’s masterpiece is the famous Attican kalpis by the Leningrad Painter (5th century BC): its frieze depicts a ceramics workshop, with craftsmen and a young woman decorating the pottery.

Atička i velikogrčka keramika

Atička i velikogrčka keramika

Unknown author, Guttus

Officina lucana, Skyphos

Unknown author, Seated figure

Unknown author, Askos


You can view the entire collection here



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