Moving money for better.

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Sending money

Fast and safe money transfer in more than 200 countries of the world.

Receiving money

Fast and simple taking over of money.

Fast money transfer

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Fast money transfer

Intesa Sanpaolo Banka BiH in all its agencies offers Western Union service of electronic money transfer. Western Union allows fast and safe money transfer to/from more than 200 countries on over 500.000 locations around the world. 

The bank account is not needed for the receiver or the sender, the transfer expenses are paid by the sender, while the receiver is paid the whole amount – without fee.

Receiving money

For taking money in hand you need to come to the Bank with valid personal licence, and to inform bank teller about:

    • Control transfer number (MTCN).
    • Name and surname of sender.
    • Country from which the money is sent.
    • Amount you expect.

Sending money

    • Inform the bank teller about the country to which you send the money, name and surname of receiver, and the amount you send.
    • Bank officer will inform you on the amount of fee for sending.
    • After executed sending you will get the ten-digit control number (MTCN) which you need to communicate to receiver.
    • The money will be available for disbursement after several minutes.

For more information on Western Union service call

    • 033/268 000
    • 051/220 800