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Current Account

Opening current account

Resident and non-resident individuals with permanent and temporary incomes may open a current account in Intesa Sanpaolo Banka d.d. BiH. You may open an account in any Branch/Branches of the Bank in BiH. After opening the account, you may authorize one or more persons to dispose with funds in your current account.

How to open a current account?

This is quite simple. Just visit any of our Branches, bring  Copy of  your identity card  (ID) and original or certified copy of the certificate of residence from CIPS (form PBA3) and ask for opening of current account. 

Why should you open a current account in ISP Banka?

Availability of funds in your current account at any time, regardless if you are in the country or in abroad through international network of ATMs and POS devices by using our VISA Electron card:

  • receive salary, pension, benefits, and other payments (personal payments, third party payments, standing orders from other banks),
  • use the funds in the account easily, with our card products,
  • use an authorized overdraft
  • conduct financial operations in a fast and safe manner via electronic services and standing orders,
  • top-quality of services under lowest prices

There are two types of current accounts:

1. Residents' current accounts based on regular income:

Current account holders with regular income are enabled by the Bank to dispose of the account by using following instruments:

  • banking card – Inspire VISA Electron debit card (international current account card),
  • one-time order,
  • withdrawals,
  • standing order.

Advantages of the card:

  • purchase in instalments, without interests and fees at sellers with whom the Bank concluded an agreement. See the list of stores here
  • withdrawing cash free of charge at ATMs of Intesa Sanpaolo Group
  • contactless payments

Click here for more information on Inspire VISA Electron debit card.

Regular overdraft by current account

Current account holders having regular monthly incomes may be granted the utilization of funds exceeding the available balance through the allowed overdraft.  

The Bank grants regular overdraft immediately after payment of first regular inflow in the amount of first salary increased by 50%, and after it expires, the Bank automatically renews it in the amount of average of regular income in the last three months and assigned increase at the moment of calculation of new amount,  and up to 10,000.00 KM, provided that the following conditions are met:

  • account was not in unallowed overdraft
  • average regular inflow is higher than 150.00 KM

Additional allowed overdraft by current account for instalment purchase

Apart from regular overdraft by current account, the Bank may grant additional overdraft up to amount of regular overdraft by account. Additional overdraft is used only for instalment purchase.

2. Residents' current account without the regular inflow of funds

Intesa Sanpaolo Banka also enables the disposal with account funds by all of the aforementioned instruments to current account holders without regular incomes. Such type of current account has no possibility of having allowed regular overdraft.

Contact your Agency or click here in order to obtain information.

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