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Let shopping and access to cash be enjoyable. Why use cash, when you can shop faster and easier with our VISA Electron payment card.

VISA Electron is an international debit and payment card that allows you to easily and securely manage funds on your current account. With this card you can pay for goods and services without cash, as well as withdraw cash at bank counters and ATMs labeled VISA ELECTRON in the country and abroad. 

New Inspire VISA Electron card allows you to withdraw cash without fees, in the country and abroad, at all ATMs belonging to Intesa Sanpaolo Group members.

VISA Electron card now has a new unique look and additional new features!

New INSPIRE VISA Electron card allows:

  • purchases in installments, without interest and fees
  • payments in up to 12 installments at selected retailers in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a special designation by the Bank, to the maximum allowed available additional overdraft amount for installment payments,
    • repayments without interest and fees,
    • a month delay of the first installment.
    • additional allowed overdraft used exclusively for VISA Electron card installment payments,
    • you are simultaneously using two types of current account overdraft with our VISA Electron card: regular current account overdraft which may also be used for cash withdrawals and one-time payments via POS devices as well as additional overdraft for installment purchases used exclusively for installment purchases via Bank’s VISA Electron cards, 
    • while paying with the card at retail outlets you must decide in how many installments you wish to complete that purchase transaction
    • the list of retailers allowing installment payments may be seen here
  • cash withdrawals without fees,
    • in the country and abroad, at Intesa Sanpaolo Group ATMs – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Italy – Croatia – Serbia – Slovenia – Albania – Egypt – Hungary – Romania- Russia – Slovakia – Ukraine.
  • contactless payment
    • a change of the way the card is used. Cardholder uses the card for quick and easy payments (tickets in public transportation, fast food restaurant services, parking, toll etc.) up to the maximum of 30,00 KM per individual transaction,
    • all you need to do is hold your VISA Electron card near a reader and you are ready to pay and go on,
    • all contactless transactions will show on your current account statement so that you can easily manage your spending.

How to obtain a VISA Electron card?

In order to get our VISA Electron card you must open a current account at the Bank and start receiving your personal income through our current account. Opening a current account is at the same time an application for issuing a VISA Electron card. VISA Electron card is issued to the account holder.  

All current account holders already using Bank’s VISA Electron card may immediately request issuance of a new Inspire card without fees at Bank locations. For clients for whom their existing VISA Electron card is not replaced at their own request, a new Inspire VISA Electron card will be issued automatically. All new clients opening a current account at Intesa Sanpaolo Bank for the first time will immediately be able to use their Inspire VISA Electron cards.

What does additional overdraft mean?

Current account holders already using regular overdraft may be allowed additional overdraft by the Bank, in the amount of regular overdraft, applicable exclusively to installment payments.

How to get additional overdraft?

Contact the nearest location of our Bank, direct your personal income through a current account at Intesa Sanpaolo Bank, and along with the regular current account overdraft, the Bank may allow you to use additional account overdraft with the new VISA Electron card. The Bank will approve additional overdraft to all existing regular current account overdraft users exclusively at their request within 24 hours. New regular overdraft users will be approved additional overdraft after the third inflow to the account and satisfactory current account utilization. Upon obtaining additional overdraft approval, the account holder must sign an Annex to the Current Account Agreement, which will define the rights and duties of the account holder and the Bank in current account overdraft operations.  

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