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Student current account

INTESA SANPAOLO BANKA d.d. BiH also offers student (current) account which is a product for full time students aged 18-30. With this service, the Bank wishes to enable free-of-charge service to young people in order for them to acquire experience in working with the Bank.
Student current account in ISP Banka is a real choice for all students who want to do business with the Bank.

What is a current account?

Current account is primary business account used by individuals. It is used for receiving payments and to make disbursements in KM or other currencies (in case you are abroad) in accordance with funds available in the account.

How can you open a student (current) account?

You may open a student account when you bring  Copy of  your identity card  (ID), original or certified copy of the certificate of residence from CIPS (form PBA3) and student book to an employee in Branch and thus acquire the right to use Bank's services related to this type of account. VISA Electron card is internationally valid card that may be used in BiH and abroad (on all ATMs and sales points where VISA Electron mark is displayed).


The reason is obvious - the service of using account and card is completely free of charge since you do not pay:

  • Fee for annual membership for VISA Electron card
  • Fee for managing current account.

What are the additional advantages of using this account in our Bank?

  • Safe and simple finance management by using VISA Electron card
  • Possibility of payments by standing order
  • Using wide network of ATMs in the country and abroad
  • Payments to student's account are free-of-charge if done in one of our Branches
  • Payments in stores by using POS devices
  • Availability of funds in account 24/7, regardless of the Branches working hours
  • Safety of transactions, speed and total discretion.


Visit one of our Agencies in BiH, open current account for students and enjoy all the benefits.

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