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Free savings

Free savings is a type of time-deposit savings in KM and EUR currencies allowing you to make recurrent payments to and from your free savings account in addition to the agreed minimum amount of 500,00 KM or 250,00 EUR.

Interest rates for free savings depend on the duration of the agreed deposit term:

Variable/Fixed interest rate levels for savings in KM and EUR

Deposit terms

Deposit amount



12 months

All amount



24 months

All amount



36 months

All amount



* Effective interest rate is equal to the nominal interest rate.

How to open an account?

A natural person opens a savings account on the basis of a signed Agreement on Free Savings in Currencies KM and/or EUR.

What documents are needed to open a free savings account?

In order to open a savings account you need a copy of a valid ID document and a copy of a residence certificate (CIPS).

Start saving with Free Savings and be finally free!

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