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Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina living in Bosnia and Herzegovina, residents, having regular monthly income, may apply for a Mastercard card at Intesa Sanpaolo Banka d.d. Bosna i Hercegovina. Mastercard bank card is an international bank card which may be used in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as abroad. This card allows a cardholder to pay for goods and services through distribution channels, at sales outlets in B&H and abroad, as well as cash withdrawal at ATM and POS network in B&H and abroad, which accept these cards and have a sign indicating acceptance of Mastercard cards.

There are three types of general purpose loans through Mastercard cards:

1. General purpose, in local currency, of up to the amount of four average regular monthly incomes, 10.000 KM at the most, to cardholders receiving their regular monthly incomes through a well performing current account at the Bank, at least for a month,

2. General purpose, in local currency, of up to the amount of three average regular monthly incomes, 5.000 KM at the most, to cardholders who do not receive their regular monthly incomes through a current account at the Bank, 

3. General purpose, in local currency, for loans entirely covered by a special purpose depositmay be greater than the amounts listed in items 1. and/or 2., i.e. it may be approved to up to a hundred percent (100%) of the amount of the special purpose deposit, 20.000 KM at the most.

Minimum monthly required payments:

  • 3% of used funds (principal and interest)
  • 100% of the amount of calculated regular and default interest (interest at maturity)
  • 100% of the amount of calculated monthly insurance premium
  • 100% of the amount of all calculated fees

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