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Founder Deposit

1. Founder deposit

If you intend on founding a private company, you will need to, when submitting the application for registration into court registry in accordance with the type of legal entity, submit the Certificate on payment the founder deposit along with other mandatory documents. Disregarding the fact if the founders are resident or non-reisdent legal entities or individuals, we will provide you with the prompt and quality service via three following steps:

For all additional information and implementation of above mentioned operations, please contact our staff in Branches/Agencies.

1.1. Placing founder deposit

  • in case the founder is resident individual or legal entity

Founder deposit may be placed in all Branches/Agencies of INTESA SANPAOLO BANKA d.d. BOSNA I HERCEGOVINA. Payments are made in KM to account 154 -001- 00000019-10 with reference to number 50901110.
When founder deposit is being placed, one must state the accurate name of the payer (individual or legal entity) and purpose of payment – payment of founder deposit for ___ (accurate name of legal entity being founded).

  • In case the founder is non-resident

Non-residents place the founder deposit by making payments from aborad or by debiting its non-resident accounts in BiH, in foreign currencies or in KM via banks in the country or the ones abroad. Based on payment from abroad, the Bank will issue the Certificate on placing founder deposit to client for the needs of registering the founder deposit at a competent court. INTESA SANPAOLO BANKA d.d. BOSNA I HERCEGOVINA (SWIFT UPBKBA22) receives payments of founder deposits from abroad through the network of correspondent banks  in favour of account of founder deposits no. 154-001-0000000019-10, by referencing the number 50901110.

Payments made in other currencies are automatically converted in KM in accordance with Bank's valid exchange rate list.
When giving order for payment, please take special care of the following elements:

Ordering Customer

  • state the accurate name of the founder (full name and address),
  • in case the payment is made by someone else, state that the payment is made in the name of founder (name of founder): Beneficiary
  • accurate name of legal entity being founded (full name and address): Purpose (Details of Payment)
  • founder capital (amount in KM).

2. Issuing certificate on payment of founder deposit

After payment of founder deposit, certificate on payment of founder deposit is issued (it needs to be attached to the application form to the competent court for registration of legal entity in the registry of legal entities).
Certificate on payment of founder deposit may be obtained in our Agencies and Branches, and it is necessary to enclose the following documents for the purpose of issuing certificate:

  • original of the payslip related to payment of founder deposit and
  • Certificate on fee paid for issuing the certificate on payment of founder deposit (fee in the amount of KM 10.00 is paid in favour of the account no. 154-001-00000019-10 with the purpose „payment of fee for issuing certificate on payment of founder deposit for (accurate name of legal entity being founded)“


3. Transfer of founder deposit to newly opened business account in the Bank
After registration in court register, legal entity may open a business account in the Bank by attaching the documents needed for account opening to which founder deposit will be paid. 
In order for your founder deposit to be transferred to the account, apart from Certificate on payment of founder deposit, you will need to deliver the Request for transfer of founder deposit certified by stamp and signature of person authorized for representing the newly founded legal entity, as stated in the Decision on Registration in Court Registry.

Request for transfer of founder deposit with documentation for opening business account may be delivered to our Branches/Agencies.


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