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Domestic Payments

1. Domestic payments

At the Bank's agencies, clients may conduct all transactions related to domestic payments, as follows:

  • Make deposits for the purpose of establishment of legal entities and receive certificate of such deposits (payment of founding deposits)
  • Open accounts at the Bank
  • Make cash payments at counters or deposit cash into day and night treasury (DNT)
  • Make cash payments at counters or ATMs via the VISA Business Electron debit card for business entities
  • Make non-cash payments at counters
  • Receive information on the balance and volume of transactions on the accounts (account statements)
  • Request transcripts of orders or statements
  • Submit requests for addressing of complaints
  • Contract other services or products

1.1. Cash operations

At all of the branches/agencies of the Bank, it is possible to deposit cash business incomes and withdraw cash. Also, at all of the branches/agencies, we enable receipt of cash business income deposits in favor of our clients' transaction accounts opened at other branches/agencies of the Bank,

It is also possible to deposit the cash business income via the day and night treasury at the following locations (DNT)

A separate agreement with the Bank needs to be concluded in order to use this service.

The format of the Agreement for Use of Day and Night Treasury

1.2. Non-cash operations

At all of the branches/agencies of the Bank, it is possible to submit orders for non-cash payments.

What do we offer our clients?

  • During the banking day, we execute all of the orders received up to the amount of coverage on your accounts, regardless of the number of orders received,
  • We credit all payments received during the day onto your transaction account,
  • We record payments onto your accounts immediately upon receipt of inflows,
  • We enable you to dispose with your inflow on the same banking day in which the inflow has been executed,
  • We provide statements with data on the previous account balances, with detailed breakdowns of individual daily inflows and final balances for the day.

We enable transfers for the same working day for the orders received:

By 15:30 hours

  • For payments in favor of clients’ transaction accounts opened at our Bank,

By 14:30 hours

  • For emissions via the RTGS system – payments in favor of transaction accounts at other banks,

By 12:00 hours

  • For emissions via the gyro clearing system – payments in favor of transaction accounts at other banks. 

All payment orders received after the above listed time slots aimed for payment onto accounts at other banks shall be executed at the beginning of the next working day.

1.2.1. Card operations

For its clients, the Bank offers the VISA Electron Card – international debit card, with an option of use at POS terminals and ATMs, within the range of the funds available on the business account of the company. 
The VISA Electron Card is intended for employees of legal entities who have the need for non-cash payments for commodities or services, cash payments in country and abroad, within the agreed expenditure limits, for legal entities, that is to say, for the final card user.

1.2.2. Information on account changes and balances

It is possible to receive information on account changes and balances at your nearest Bank branch/agency, or we can serve it to you in the following manner:

  • By mail to your address
  • Via fax
  • Via e-mail
  • Via electronic banking

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