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Short-term Loans

1. Loans for working capital

  • Short-term loan is financial instrument aimed at preserving your short-term liquidity and at improving your position in the market.
  • Short-term loan is approved to the period up to 12 months in KM or EUR currency.
  • Loan may be used in numerous manners depending on the needs of client (immediately, successively or revolving).
  • Loans is repaid one-time or in equal monthly instalments up to contracted deadline.
  • Additional conditions of lending loans may be arranged personally with the Bank.

2. Allowed overdraft by transaction account (Overdraft)

  • Overdraft is financial instrument aimed at short-term financing of business activities of a company. In addition, its purpose is to provide the possibilities to companies to adhere to its short-term liabilities, thus directly influencing the positive cash flow of the company.
  • The amount of allowed overdraft by transaction account is defined based on amount of 50% of average credit turnover by transaction account in the previous 6 months, including the turnover by received loans and similar transactions.
  • Interest by overdraft is calculated annually for the number of days for which the overdraft was utilized and for the amount being utilized.

3. Revolving 

Revolving is financial product representing the form of contracting planned turnover of operations between the client and Bank within defined period. By revolving agreement, the amount of financial support provided by the Bank is defined as well as the scope of operations that will be achieved by the client through the Bank. Revolving is approved for the period up to 12 months with previously arranged conditions of granting, using and repaying it.

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