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Guarantee Operations

1. Nostro guarantees

  • Issuing guarantees with special-purpose placed deposits
    • Issuing all types of guarantees with placed special-purpose interest-free deposit
    • Issuing all types of guarantees with placed special-purpose interest-bearing deposit
  • Issuing guarantees without placed deposit
    • Issuing payable guarantees
    • Issuing bid guarantees
    • Issuing advance payment guarantee
    • Issuing customs guarantee
  • Issuing performance guarantees without placed deposits:
    • With period over 1 (one) year
    • With period up to 1 (one) year
  • Issuing confirmed guarantees
    • With placed special-purpose deposit
    • Without placed special-purpose deposit
    • Endorsing bills of exchange with or without placed deposits in accordance with tariff items for guarantees with or without placed deposit
    • Arranged discounting bills of exchange
    • Changes to terms of guarantee
    • Letter of intent on issuing the guarantee

Bank's Decision on Tariffs defines the fees for the services stated above.
Bank retains the right to collect the higher fees for issuing all types of letters of credit than those stated in the Tariffs, depending on the estimated risk and other conditions which is determined by special condition concluded with a client.

2. Loro guarantees

  • Endorsing guarantees
  • Endorsing the changes to guarantees
  • Transfer of guarantee – issuing guarantees based on received guarantees
  • Confirmation
  • Discounting the receivables secured by guarantees of acceptable banks
  • Professional processing and forwarding requests for collection by guarantees

3. Collection operations

  • Nostro documentary collection
  • Loro documentary collection with disbursement by inflows to account
  • Taking cheques in deposit and sending to collection, with disbursement by inflow to account in foreign bank

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