Larger, more functional, and more modern

SARAJEVO, January 7, 2021- The Intesa Sanpaolo Bank BiH has today officially opened the Agency
Titova on new address in Maršala Tita 54 Street in Sarajevo. Following the long-year practice of
sharing good news with the community in which it operates, the Intesa Sanpaolo Bank, on the
occasion of opening new agency, presented the Public Institution Public Medical Center of the
Sarajevo Canton with the valuable donation of protection equipment.

“The agency in Titova Street is one of our business premises that is located on the most frequent
place in the city and in its very center. Along with the Agency Otoka Sarajevo, it is equipped in
accordance with the latest standards of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group”, said on this occasion Amir
Termiz, Member of the Management Board of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank, explaining the benefits of the
new space. “We are therefore very satisfied that we have today opened larger and current-equipped
agency, which is going to enable more comfortable stay to our clients in the premise of the bank,
keeping the highest standard of the service which we serve in an uncompromising manner”, said
The location of the agency is, actually, immediately near the earlier agency in Titova Street. This
location is significantly bigger and takes as many as 250 square meters, and stands out with its
functionality of interior design. It will also enable that all the measures relating to the customer and
employee protection while pandemic COVID-19 lasts are being applied in the most adequate way, and
the risks of its spreading are reduced to it.
The space is designed according to the most modern architectural trends, integrating modernity and
functionality. There is an Info-desk at the entryway as a place of welcome to customers, where they
will be answered all questions and be directed to bank’s employees in teller place, who will most
adequately respond to their request. Additionally, in the space of the agency it is now possible to use
internet via free WiFi network that the Bank provides for.
The General Manager of the Public Institution Public Medical Center of the Sarajevo Canton dr
Muhamed Ahmić thanked for the donation of protection masks and gloves, and pointed out: “We are
looking forward to this valuable and today much-needed donation, which we have received from the
Intesa Sanpaolo Bank. This equipment will certainly ease and assure the work which all employees in
our health institution dilligently and dedicatedly commit”.
Business hours of the agency are each working day from 8:00 to 16:30 hours, and within agency there
is a special zone with ATMs and ATM exchange office that is available 24 hours a day, ensuring
additional functionality, giving attention to the needs of its customers.

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