Intesa Sanpaolo Bank and VISA presented a new campaign

Intesa Sanpaolo Bank and VISA presented a new campaign

For the first time in front of the camera: Danis Tanović in the video commercial for the Visa Platinum Card

Sarajevo, February 3, 2021 – Intesa Sanpaolo Banka BiH and VISA presented today in Sarajevo a new product, Visa Platinum debit card, and a video for the campaign that will accompany the presentation of this card to the public. A surprise for the representatives of the media at the press conference was the actor in the video that accompanies the campaign – the celebrated BiH director Danis Tanović. Representatives of Intesa Sanpaolo Banka and Visa presented the type of product, while Tanović talked about how it happened that he replaced the director’s chair with the main role for the first time in his career.


“Introduction of the premium product such as the Visa Platinum Card demonstrates the growing needs of consumers for tailor-made financial products. The companies Visa and Intesa Sanpaolo Banka have always been dedicated to innovations and the idea to provide to consumers the best payment methods, and I am especially pleased that this time we are expanding our services to the category of premium customers by providing them with a secure and comfortable payment experience, with product that follows their lifestyles“, said Maida Slatina Mehmedagić, Business Development Manager for BiH, Visa.

The Visa Platinum card is linked to the user’s current account. In addition to the already existent contactless payment, the card is also equipped with a 3D secure code for secure payment on the Internet. Cash can be withdrawn at Intesa Sanpaolo Group ATMs at 10,000 locations in the country and abroad without any fee. The great news is that users of this card can be more relaxed than others. Namely, everything they buy for themselves or others, paid with a Visa Platinum card of Intesa Sanpaolo Banka, is insured for the next 90 days. With this card, as it was said today, there is no worry about possible damage, theft or loss of the purchased product.

However, what makes this the card incomparable to other cards is travel. It includes a range of benefits, from luggage insurance, travel insurance for the entire world, insurance in case of a flight delay of more than 4 hours, to the benefits when renting a car. Also, users of this card will have access to professional support 24/7 wherever they are, they will be able to improve the category of accommodation, as well as stay in exclusive LoungeKey areas at airports.

In the campaign that will accompany this special card, the actor is also special – the most successful director, screenwriter and producer of Southeast Europe, Danis Tanović. Amir Termiz, Member of the Management Board of Intesa Sanpaolo Banka BiH, talked about his participation in this campaign: “When we discussed the concept of a video for such a product, the logical sequence was to choose a

person who has personal and business success, credibility, integrity, professionalism; in short, someone that people will easily associate with all these values ​​that we as a Bank cherish, and the Visa Platinum card actually represents a whole set of those values. At that moment, the name of Danis Tanović came as a natural choice “, said Termiz.

After the premiere screening of the video, Tanović said that he was very happy to receive the invitation and that he gladly responded to it.

The famous director said that this is basically a continuation of the cooperation with Intesa Sanpaolo Banka and Intesa Sanpaolo Group, with whose help he realized the short film “Prtljag” (“Luggage”) in 2011. “I was delighted to receive the invitation from this great team, and the idea of standing in front of the camera was exciting and fun,” said Danis Tanovic, pointing out that: “Occasionally you need to step out of your comfort zone to meet new challenges and have fun. Working on the video was just that – a fun, great experience, and I’m sure it will be reflected in what viewers will see and feel”.

Video commercial for the Visa Platinum Card Intesa Sanpaolo Banka BiH

Detailed information about the Visa Platinum debit card can be found on the website of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank of BiH.

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