Intesa Sanpaolo Bank joined the Mass afforestation campaign

Intesa Sanpaolo Bank joined the Mass afforestation campaign

Intesa Sanpaolo Bank joined the Mass afforestation campaign, in which 6,300 new seedlings were planted only today. Public company for the state forest management “Sarajevo – šume” doo Sarajevo, in the past month, in partnership with cantonal ministries, public companies and associations, organized campaign of “Mass afforestation” at several locations throughout the Sarajevo Canton, in which, so far, more than 100,000 new seedlings have been planted.

Intesa Sanpaolo Bank responded to the invitation to join this action with great enthusiasm, but employees as well, who, in the eve of the Day of the Statehood of Bosnia and Herzegovina, decided to give their country completely new spruce seedlings, which they planted on the Olympic mountain Igman.

Ms. Edina Smajović – Listo, Head of HR and Organization of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank stated: “Intesa Sanpaolo Bank joined the afforestation campaign in Sarajevo Canton for the second time this year.  In April, on Earth Day, the Bank together with its employees organized its own afforestation campaign, when 560 young conifer seedlings were planted on this Olympic beauty. Today, the employees of our Bank, together with other volunteers on the same mountain in this phenomenal action organized by Sarajevo Šume managed to plant an additional 6300 new seedlings. I would like to take this opportunity to invite other companies, organizations, schools and individuals to join this action and donate life in new forests, which will be of great benefit to future generations “.

The Intesa Sanpaolo Group, within which Intesa Sanpaolo Bank BiH operates, pays great attention to the ESG (environmental, social and governance) aspects, in all markets in which it operates. In this regard, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank pays great attention to environmental protection and helping society in Bosnia and Herzegovina in various ways, and this is just one of them. It is especially important that company and its employees jointly participate in such activities.

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