Continued campaign “Together for our forests”

Continued campaign “Together for our forests”

Sarajevo, April 20th 2023, This Saturday, the world will celebrate the Earth Day. On that occasion, this year again, Intesa Sanpaolo Banka will launch the campaign “Together for our forests” aimed at all its customers opting for the “My Eco Home” loan intended for energy efficiency improvement of residential facilities. Therein, one new tree will be planted respectively for all customers of this Bank having obtained the “My Eco Home” loan in the period from 22.4. (Earth Day) to 5.6. (World Environment Day).

“For years now, Intesa Sanpaolo Banka has been implementing the forestation campaigns. Last year alone, the campaign “Together for our forests” resulted in 5,000 new seedlings planted in 5 regions where the Bank operates. This year, we have decided to place particular importance on our product “My Eco Home” intended to improve energy efficiency of homes of our customers. Reason being is that it will also entail a benefit of having one new tree planted respectively at appropriate locations that need it the most.  Every customer having obtained this loan will receive a certificate by e-mail that is also a letter of thanks for contributing to this campaign.  The forestation will be implemented in November being the month with the most favourable weather conditions for such an action.” – stated Ms. Minja Filipović, Executive Director of the Retail Division.

Although Bosnia and Herzegovina may be proud of its numerous forests spreading throughout its territory, as well as the quality of the very forests, human activities are unfortunately causing the forests to be gradually disappearing. In some cases, this refers to forest fires destroying the forests and all the flora and fauna therein, but also this may refer to uncontrolled logging. It’s been a practice for many years now that the Bank employees contribute to this activity through volunteer work and plant new seedlings at designated locations. This is their contribution to the society, i.e. something the future generations will truly benefit from.

“Over the following period, all customers planning to install new windows, install a new thermal insulation façade or are in search of a heating system like heat pumps or pellet stoves, we offer an option of applying for the “My Eco Home” loan since, besides very favourable lending terms, they will obtain a return on investment at the rate of up to 20%.  Most importantly, this will make their home more energy efficient and will result in both, energy and cost savings.” – added Ms. Filipović This credit line came as a result of cooperation between Intesa Sanpaolo Banka and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) where this green economy financing facility (GEFF) promotes energy efficiency improvement in the residential real estate sector, with co-financing by the European Union (EU) and Austria, as well as through bilateral donors within the Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF). For more information on this credit line, please visit the web page or the nearest branch of our Bank.

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