More than BAM 270,000 donated over the first 10 years of the Inspired by Heart campaign

More than BAM 270,000 donated over the first 10 years of the Inspired by Heart campaign

Traditionally, during the month of May, Intesa Sanpaolo Banka and Visa have implemented the Inspired by Heart campaign, this time marking its 10-year jubilee.  The jubilee campaign, as all the previous campaigns, has lasted for the entire month where, for the duration of the campaign, BAM 0.10 was allocated for donations for every card payment effected by Visa Inspire and Visa Platinum card holders at no extra charge for them.  During the jubilee campaign, the said card holders have used their cards more extensively than the year before and thus, as of 31.05.2023, we have managed to collect BAM 40,000 to be donated for humanitarian purposes.

“Since Intesa Sanpaolo Banka is marking its first 15 years of operations in BiH, I am pleased that this same year we are marking another jubilee – 10 years since we have launched the Inspired by Heart campaign together with our friends from Visa.  Intesa Sanpaolo group and we as its members in BiH are very devoted to the local communities and to continuously supporting the society through various forms of assistance. Also, I am pleased with the fact that, from 2019 until today, we have managed to support maternity wards in almost all hospitals in BiH, thus we have improved working conditions in these wards where life begins so to speak and also made them better for the youngest ones in this beautiful country.” – said Mr. Marco Trevisan, President of Management Board of Intesa Sanpaolo Banka.

The Inspired by Heart campaign was created as a humanitarian campaign aimed at providing different forms of support to the BiH population. Since 2019 onwards, it was decided for the funds to be used to purchase and donate equipment solely to maternity wards in hospitals or health centres in BiH. Then on, we have donated equipment to maternity wards in Mostar, Banja Luka, Tuzla, Travnik, Gračanica, Sarajevo, Livno, Prijedor, Kakanj, Zenica.  This year’s donation will be given to the maternity wards in JZU Hospital „Sveti vračevi“ in Bijeljina and in JZU „Zdravstveni centar Brčko“.

“I would like to thank all Visa card holders who have been participating in this campaign for years now and who have, together with us and Intesa Sanpaolo Banka, contributed to changing our living environment for the better.  Their response has inspired us to be organising this initiative for 10 years already. Today, with even greater dedication, we are thinking about more things to accomplish in the years to come” – stated Mr. Vladimir Đorđević, general manager at Visa for South East Europe.

A general conclusion to draw from here is that campaigns like this should carry on in the future as exceptional means of bringing together customers, i.e. society, socially responsible companies, media representatives and institutions truly needing our support, i.e. in particular the maternity wards welcoming the new generations of BiH citizens.

In addition to Visa card holders of Intesa Sanpaolo Banka and Visa company, the campaign was also supported by our media partners – RSG radio and news portal.


In 2013, we donated 18,000 KM for the treatment of our fellow citizens at foreign clinics;

In 2014, we donated 19,000 KM for the needs of rehabilitating flooded areas and people who lost everything in the catastrophic floods that hit BiH;

In 2015, we donated an additional 22,000 KM for the same needs, in order to help people who lost their homes in the floods to rehabilitate it;

In 2016, we raised 24,000 KM to equip children’s playrooms, kitchens and purchase medical devices for pediatric clinics in Banja Luka, Mostar, Tuzla, Travnik and Sarajevo;

In 2017, we collected 24,000 KM, and we donated that money for the purpose of equipping the Public Institution “Institute for the Care of Mentally Disabled Children and Youth” Pazarić, Public Institution “Home-Family” Zenica, “Home for Children without Care” Tuzla, “Children’s Home” Mostar, Public Institution “Dom Rade Vranješević” Banja Luka and “Mother’s Village” Medjugorje;

In 2018, we collected 20,000 KM, which were awarded to the Mirsad Prnjavorac school in Vogošća for the rehabilitation of the sanitary facilities in the entire school;

In 2019, we collected 32,000 KM which were donated for the purchase of medical equipment to maternity hospitals within the General Hospital “Dr Mustafa Beganović” in Gračanica, PI “Health Center” Kakanj and General Hospital “Prim. Dr. Abdulah Nakash ”in Sarajevo;

In 2020, the campaign was not realized due to the epidemiological situation;

In 2021, 36,000 KM were collected, and the said money was donated for the purchase of medical equipment for the pediatric wards of the County Hospital “Dr. Mihovil Sučić ”in Livno and PHI – General Hospital -“ dr. Mladen Stojanović ”in Prijedor.

In 2022, BAM 38,000 was collected and donated in form of equipment to maternity wards in the Cantonal Hospital Zenica and in the University and Clinical Centre Tuzla.

This year, we have collected BAM 40,000 to be donated as equipment to maternity wards in JZU “Sveti vračevi” Hospital in Bijeljina and in JZU „Zdravstveni centar Brčko“.

In conclusion, over the first 10 years of the campaign, we have collected more than BAM 270,000, i.e. BAM 273,000, to be precise. More details available at:

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