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Documentary business

  • Letters of credit

Letter of credit is the payment instrument by which the ordering party of the letter, through the bank, places at disposal a certain amount to user of letter of credit, which the user can collect when it meets certain conditions defined by the letter of credit. Payments by documentary letters of credit are considered safe and acceptable for participants in the payment operations since they offer protection of interests to both the buyer and the seller, more than other payment instruments.

If you import goods/services from abroad, our bank will make sure the payment is made if the conditions of the letter of credit are met.

If you export goods to foreign countries, our Bank can offer advisory service related to preliminary preparation and overview of documents.

  • Guarantees 

Guarantee is a security instrument in domestic and international operations by which the bank guarantees to the user that, in case the main debtor does not meet its obligations, it will pay the amount presented in the guarantee. The beneficiary is secured that it will collect its receivables, and the debtor is secured that the collection from guarantee will be carried out exclusively in accordance with conditions of the guarantee.

You can agree upon payment guarantee, performance guarantee, customs guarantee and counter guarantee with Intesa Sanpaolo Banka d.d. BiH.

  • Collection business

Collection business represent the payment instrument and collection which is carried out based on document (documentary collection). It is applied for business partners with established business relations, since the debtor’s bank does not take over the payment obligation but only acts in accordance with collection instructions.

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