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VISA Business Electron debit card

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American Express Gold Business Card.

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VISA Business Electron debit card

If you have an open transaction account in Intesa Sanpaolo Banka d.d. BiH, you can become the owner of VISA Business Electron card. VISA Business Electron card is the international debit card, with possibility to use it at POS terminals and ATMs, within funds on your transaction account, and you can make cashless payments of goods and services, withdraw cash in the country and abroad, within the agreed spending limit.

You can take over the application for VISA Business card in the regional centers/branches of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank d.d. BiH or here.

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American Express Gold Business Card

American Express Gold Card enables you payments at more than million selected points of sale in more than 200 countries of the world. To become a user of American Express Gold Business card, you need to fill in the application form which you can find here (additional user) or in the nearest regional center/branch of the Bank.

Benefits of using American Express Gold Business card

Accident Insurance

Being a user of American Express card, you have insurance in your travels abroad in case of permanent disability or death caused by accident.

Travel insurance

American Express Gold Business Card provides a careless and safe travel abroad with travel health insurance and insurance in case of losing baggage and plane cancelation or delay.

The condition for using the insurance rights is that public (licenced) transport was used and that the ticket was purchased by American Express Gold Business Card.

My Account

The service My Account allows you to view and print your bills from previous periods and overview of non-invoiced costs. Also, we prepared the Overview of points of sale – search by place, type or name of requested point of sale.

3D Secure program

The card supports secure online buying with 3D Secure program. When paying on internet, you must enter one-off code that you will receive via SMS message on mobile phone number you registered in the Bank.

Contactless payment 

The card has the most up-to-date chip technology and supports contactless payment at sales points which have sign “contactless transactions” and accept American Express cards. If the buying amount is smaller or equal to 30,00 KM, it is enough to lean the card against the contactless card reader, without need to sign confirmation (slip) on made transaction.


Up to 12% discount on selected hotels via application. Reservations can be made at this link: Discounts apply only to hotels marked in yellow.
In order to successfully book your hotel, please pay attention to the following:

1) VPN should always be turned off. If you cannot turn off VPN on your business computer, please use your private computer.

2) It is easier to find discounts in big cities. If the destination is small or isolated, there will not be many options, as expected.

3) If you want to compare prices between American Express Website and regular Website of, it is important to choose a hotel and a room. The taxes and fees will be presented on the last page.  Therefore, any price comparison must be based on the payment page and not on the search page.

4) For example, you can start your test by searching the location “Madrid”, “London” or “New York”. There, you will see many hotels marked in yellow. But if you searched for “Caraiva” – a little village in Brazil, there will be no hotels with discounts.

For more information go to:



For users of American Express Gold Cards in Intesa Sanpaolo Banka

Red by Durfy

Join the RED by Dufry and enjoy the discounts on airports and beyond.


Choose your country and enter the first 6 digits of Your American Express card. If data is entered correctly, you will be redirected to the Dufry Website. After you complete the registration, you can start your search through the RED BY DUFTY benefits using the generated QR code or download the application RED BY DUFRY to Your device to enjoy the full experience.

To access the Red by Durfy benefits, go to:

This benefit is valid until the end of 2022!



Travel safely and carelessly with American Express® Gold Business Card! Each card user is insured with the Triglav Insurance Company without paying additional fees:

  • Traveller health insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Insurance in case of losing baggage and plane cancelation or delay 

The condition for using the insurance rights is that public (licenced) transport was used and that the ticket was purchased by American Express Gold Business Card.