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Loans of credit lines

Long-term loans in cooperation with European Investment Bank


    • European Investment Bank (EIB)

Loan beneficiaries:

    • Credit line is intended for financing projects of legal entities which are registered and operate in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina and meet the following conditions:
    • Small and Medium Enterprises with less than 250 employees;
    • Mid-cap enterprises with minimum 250 employees and less than 3000 employees on consolidated basis;
    • Final beneficiaries of any size: private sector companies employing more than 3000 employees (non-SMEs and non-Mid-Cap companies) or institutions and companies from public sector of any size.


    • Purchasing, renovation or expansion of tangible assets
    • Investments in intangible assets: Cost of investments in intangible assets (development, planning and funding of project cost through the construction phase, the cost of research and development, development of distribution networks in domestic or other markets within the EU);
    • Mid and long-term investments for purchasing working capital.

Funding amount:

    • For small and medium enterprises and mid-cap companies up to the 100% of total costs of the project (up to 12,5 million EUR);
    • Final beneficiaries of any size and other subjects up to 50% of total project cost (up to 12.5 million EUR).


    • 2 -15 years, depending on type of final beneficiary and project in question


    • Thanks to the participation of the EIB, our bank offers more favourable interest rates than the commercial ones.

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