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Online banking

Perform your financial operations faster and cheaper.



Intesa Sanpaolo Electronic Banking – ELBA

You can perform your financial operations faster and cheaper if you decide to use one of our electronic banking services.


It is intended for large clients which want to have more employees equiped with electronic banking with different levels of authorities. In order to use HAL e-BANK, necessary is a PC, free USB port, smart card, smart card reader, program package for using HAL e-BANK.

HAL e-Bank gives you an insight into account, overview of transactions, payments in the country and abroad with the current date or advance date, import and export orders and statements according to a certain format.

2. Intesa Sanpaolo Electronic Banking – ELBA

To use this kind of electronic banking, necessary is the internet connection, PC, Microsoft Edge and Adobe Acrobat Reader 4 or more. You can take application form here or in your nearest regional center/branch.

It enables safe payment operations in the country and abroad, insight into balance, turnover and statements per accounts, insight into exchange rate list of Intesa Sanpaolo Banka d.d. BiH, import and export of orders and statements into your applications per certain format, insight into credit liabilities.


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