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Mortgage loans

Loan amount up to 300.000,00 KM.

Reasons you will love it

Loan amount up to 300.000,00 KM

Loan repayment deadline up to 20 years.

General-purpose loan

General-purpose usage of loan.

Mortgage loan

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Mortgage loans give you the following possibilities and benefits:

  • NIR already from 3,69% (EIR 4,05%)*.
  • Loan amount up to 300.000,00 KM.
  • Loan repayment deadline up to 20 years.
  • General-purpose usage of loan.


Overview of mortgage loan installments

Amount KM5 years10 years15 years20 years

* Effective interest rate (EIR) for mortgage loan is calculated to the maximum amount and deadline of 120 months for clients of the Bank, taking into consideration all costs that the loan beneficiary might have (fee for current account maintenance, fee for loan processing and maintenance, fee for CLR report, cost of bills of exchange, certifying necessary documentation and insurance policies, estimate of real estate value and cost of notary).

Loan is granted with fixed or variable interest rate up to 10 years in KM currency.

Over 10 years of repayment, loan is granted with variable interest rate and with the currency clause in EUR, in accordance with the valid exchange rate of Central Bank on the date of loan usage.

Loan beneficiary

    • Residents with place of residence in Bosnia and Herzegovina and with regular monthly income.

Loan security instruments

    • Certified documents on salary foreclosure.
    • 2 bills of exchange.
    • Mortgage on real estate.
    • Insurance policy for real estate endorsed in favor of the Bank.
    • The Bank retains the right to demand additional collateral depending upon criteria for risk estimate (employment company, credit history of loan applicant and similar).

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Loan calculator

The loan calculator calculates the monthly instalment or total loan amount.
It is necessary to enter the loan duration and nominal interest, as well as the desired loan amount or the desired monthly installment.

Loan duration in years

Nominal interest %

Loan amount in KM

Monthly payment in KM

NOTICE: The loan calculator is for informational purposes only. Exact values are provided in our offices.