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Free savings

Multiple payments and disbursements to – from account(s) of free savings.


Free savings

Type of term deposit in currency KM and EUR.

Agreed minimum amount of 500,00 KM / 250,00 EUR

Multiple payments and disbursements to/from account(s) of free savings.

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Regular interest rates for free savings

Free savings is the type of term deposit in the currency KM and EUR which enables you, beside the agreed minimum amount of 500,00 KM or 250,00 EUR, to make multiple payments and disbursements to/from account of free savings.

Applied as of 19.07.2021.

Variable/Fixed interest rate in currency KM and EUR

Term of depositAmountNIR %EIR %*
12 monthsAll amounts0,05 %0,05%
24 monthsAll amounts0,10 %0,10 %
36 monthsAll amounts0,10 %0,10 %

* EIR-Effective interest rate is equal to nominal interest rate.

How to open account?

    • Natural entity opens the savings account based on signing the Agreement on free savings in the currency KM and/or EUR.

Which documentation is necessary to open the Free savings?

    • To open the savings account, You will need the copy of valid identification document and copy of certificate on place of residence (CIPS).

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