Intesa Sanpaolo Bank BiH continues to support the education of children and youth from SOS Children’s Villages BiH

Intesa Sanpaolo Bank BiH continues to support the education of children and youth from SOS Children’s Villages BiH

Sarajevo, (29.04.2021.)- Intesa Sanpaolo Bank BiH integrates its strategic commitment to corporate social responsibility into day-to-day activities aimed at, among other things, the community, and among the key corporate values, knowledge is high on the list of priorities. To that extent, the decision to provide support in co-financing the lives of students from the care of SOS Children’s Villages BiH, is just one of the joint activities aimed at providing the best possible education for children and youth.

The three-year friendship with SOS Children’s Villages of BiH continued with the delivery of a donation in the amount of 6,000 KM. The funds are intended to co-finance the cost of living of 4 final year undergraduate and postgraduate students. The organization SOS Children’s Villages BiH is strongly committed to quality education and equal opportunities for all children and youth, so the donation of friends from Intesa Sanpaolo Bank is a very important support to provide quality conditions for graduation.


“SOS Children’s Village BiH is one of the organizations with exceptional reputation in our society, whose mission and vision has been dedicated for many years to the protection and education of children without parental care. That is the reason to help this organization and its protégés whenever we have the opportunity to. This time we have decided that they will be students who have already shown good results and we are extremely glad that their education with Intesa Sanpaolo Bank BiH scholarships will be easier and of better quality, “said Lejla Dizdarević. , Head of the PR and Marketing Communications Department of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank BiH.

“Our friends from Intesa Sanpaolo Bank BiH have been supporting children and young people on their path to empowerment for the third year in a row, and the first step towards that is quality education. This donation is of great importance because we know that we have friends who continuously support our work and care for children and youth in a segment that is extremely important to us. Only together can we build a stronger society, and we do just that through the education of children and young people, from primary to higher education, and additional education. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to our friends from Intesa Sanpaolo Bank, who appreciate and nurture true values ​​and know that young people are the strength and future of our society “, said the national director of SOS Children’s Villages BiH Mirela Gruenther-Đečević.

In the past two years, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank BiH has donated laptops, backpacks, pencil cases, notebooks and basic school supplies for a total of 130 first-graders from SOS families and the Family Strengthening Program, thus providing everything students needed for a good start to school.

If you want to support the work of SOS Children’s Villages BiH and help children and young people to have equal rights to quality education, you can find more information on the website

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