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Visa Platinum card

This card is special by all means!

Why you will like it

Visa Concierge

Make your ideas come true with your personal assistant

Travel insurance

Every trip with the Visa Platinum card is carefree

LoungeKEY service

Use business lounges at airports around the world.

Contactless payment with
Visa Platinum card
  • Visa Concierge - Personal assistant service
  • Travel health insurance throughout the world
  • Free entry to airport lounges with the LoungeKEY service
  • Cash withdrawal free of charge at ATMs of the Bank and the Intesa Sanpaolo Group
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Welcome to the world of platinum benefits!

You deserve special treatment. With the unique Visa Platinum debit card of Intesa Sanpaolo Banka, you get such treatment.

What makes this card special and why is it prestigious? The simplest and truest answer to this question is – the Visa Platinum card is special by all means. From travel to shopping, from insurance to enjoying VIP treatment tailored to your needs. No previous user experience comes close to the luxurious comfort this card will provide. Experience a higher level of services and benefits available only to selected clients.

Make your ideas come true with the help of a personal assistant

Visa Platinum card users have the opportunity to solve their everyday needs in a quick and easy way with the Visa Concierge service.

The Visa Concierge service within the Visa Chat-bot is a virtual assistant that is at your disposal for information, recommendations or assistance for everyday needs and organization 24/7 wherever you are, in the country or abroad. Visa Chat-bot also allows you to find out everything about the benefits of your card in one place, and how to obtain certain benefits.

The concierge service is free of charge, while you pay for the purchase of the requested products or services with the Platinum card.

Card users can communicate with the personal assistant via Chat-bot support within the Viber or Telegram application in local and English. Visa Chat-bot opens a new level of interaction with your Visa Platinum card, and enables easy and safe access to the necessary information and answers to any question. All active Visa Platinum card users will receive a welcome message via SMS or Viber to activate the Visa Concierge service. Instructions for activating the Concierge service within Chat-bot are available here.

Need help with everyday activities, birthdays, travel or emergency situations? Your personal assistant will take care of it - whether you are in the country or abroad.

Find more information about this benefit at the link.

Every trip with the Visa Platinum card is carefree

When you travel, insurance is one of the most important things you can take with you. That is why, with our partner Uniqa osiguranje, we have provided you with insurance for carefree and safe travels, along with the Visa Platinum card.

Travel health insurance throughout the world

When traveling abroad, you have at your disposal travel health insurance that is valid throughout the world and which covers unforeseen accidents during your stay. If necessary, it covers medical assistance and assistance abroad in case of sudden illness or accident, hospital treatment costs during travel and emergency medical assistance for injuries resulting from recreational sports (skiing and other sports). All these benefits are also available to members of your immediate family, for an unlimited number of official and private trips, with a maximum duration of one trip of up to 15 days. 

You can find more details about insurance conditions here.

Insurance in case of loss or delay of luggage and flight cancellation or delay

By purchasing plane tickets with the Visa Platinum card, you gain the right to insurance in case of flight delay or cancellation, missed connection or loss of luggage. Find out more about these benefits and conditions of use at the link: www.cardholderbenefitsonline.com.


Reserved for the selected few - LoungeKEY service

You often travel around the world, so it is important that the airport is your oasis of peace, where you can relax in a comfortable armchair and prepare for the rest of your journey. This card opens the door to more than 1,200 LoungeKey business lounges at airports around the world.

For more information, create your account on the www.loungekey.com via the link or download the LoungeKey application from the Google Play or App Store.

Before traveling, visit the LoungeKey page or download the application, and search for available business lounges and check all the benefits, as they differ among airports around the world.

Visa Platinum card, boarading pass (ticket) and identification document (passport) are required for entry. The customer's name on the card, ticket and identity document must all match.

During each calendar year, you are entitled to two free entries, after which each subsequent entry is charged in the amount of $32* per entry.

Entrances are not limited, as is the introduction of guests, but in this case they are charged directly against the user's Visa Platinum card.

*In accordance with the global modification of the LoungeKey price list, the commercial price for a visit to the LoungeKey salon has increased from the current $32 to $35. The new price comes into force on October 1, 2023. 

Even more safe and carefree shopping

You have the privilege of being more relaxed than others when shopping. Buy what you want for yourself or a loved one, pay with the Visa Platinum card of Intesa Sanpaolo Banka and for the next 90 days you don't have to worry about possible damage, theft or loss of the purchased product.

The object of your purchase will be insured both with you and with a person receiving your gift - if  not covered by other warranty and if you kept the original receipt. This is based on relevant monetary limits regarding the price and the amount of coverage.

Learn more about these benefits and terms of use at www.cardholderbenefitsonline.com.

Professional support 24/7 during the trip abroad

For any medical or legal matter, with the Visa Platinum card, expert teams are at your disposal while you are abroad - from telephone medical advice, emergency medical assistance and information about vaccination and medical centers in the destination country to legal consultations and interpretations. Visa operators also offer services in case of card loss during travel, such as blocking the card in 30 minutes, sending a new card, and organizing emergency cash payments at 270,000 locations around the world.

All of the above is available 24/7 whenever you need it, by calling the phone number: +1303 967 1090.

More information as well as toll-free numbers to contact the operator, depending on the visiting country, can be found on the website: www.cardholderbenefitsonline.com.

Special discounts for shopping with Visa Platinum card

Use the Visa Platinum card and enjoy local and international discounts and benefits for both shopping and travel. As the benefits are constantly expanding, we recommend that you follow the current benefits and discounts through the following pages:

Basic card features

Basic card features

  • The card can be arranged with a current account
  • Contactless payment and cash withdrawal at ATM
  • Regular plus additional overdraft* per current account
  • Purchase in up to 12 installments at no interest and fees at selected sales points in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Purchase in up to 12 installments without interest via SMS at points of sale in the country and abroad
  • Cash withdrawal with repayment in up to 12 installments at POS devices in all branches and ATMs of the Bank in Bosnia and Herzegovina 
  • Cash withdrawal free of charge at over 10,000 ATMs of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group in the country and abroad
  • Safe online shopping with 3D Secure code to confirm transactions
  • The daily limit for shopping is up to BAM 7,000, and for cash withdrawals at ATMs up to BAM 2,000. 

*For current account owners who already use a regular overdraft, the Bank can approve the use of an additional overdraft in the amount of a maximum of two thirds of the regular overdraft, which is used for installment purchases and cash withdrawals at POS devices in all Bank branches in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

For more information, please contact:

For more information, please contact:

  • E-mail: stanovnistvo@intesasanpaolobanka.ba 
  • Toll-free number 080 020 307 
  • Phone number +387 33 497 657 available for calls in the country and abroad
  • Visit our nearest branch