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SMS Banking

Why you'll love SMS Banking

Always available

Time saving with simple and quick access to information.


Additional security in the use of cards.

SMS Banking

SMS service is information service of the Bank that enables the User to receive information about the balance and changes in the current account via a mobile or landline phone.

Functionalities of SMS Banking are:

  • Overview of the current account balance after each change;
  • Overview of the balance of approved regular and additional current account overdrafts;
  • Possibility to use mobile or landline phone;
  • Receiving promotional messages of the Bank;
  • Minimum time spending with maximum level of information on current account balance.
How to become a user of the SMS Banking service?
Visit the nearest branch of the Bank.
Necessary documentation
Provide one of the identification documents and declaration of place of residence (CIPS).
Sign Request for opening and Contract for using ELBA service.
Who can become a user of the SMS Banking?

Who can become a user of the SMS Banking?

The user of SMS service can be a person who has opened a current account at the Bank, owns a mobile or landline phone and active phone number of one of the operators in Bosnia and Herzegovina  or abroad.

For more information, please contact

For more information, please contact