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m-Intesa – Bank in your phone!

Benefits of the m-Intesa mobile application

Always available

Banking services wherever and whenever you need.

Very simple

Simple activation and service use at device of your choice.


Access your accounts and make payments with high safety level.

Mobile banking m-Intesa

Mobile banking m-Intesa is a service of the Bank that enables the user to perform financial transactions and view account balances via mobile phone.

Mobile banking functionalities are:


  • Personalized application;
  • Using same application for private individual and legal entities accounts;
  • Overview of the balance and transactions for all open accounts;
  • Free of charge - financial transfers to own accounts;
  • Financial payments in the country and abroad at lower fees;
  • Tamplate and package management;
  • Management of debit card spending through the options of temporary blocking and unblocking of various payment forms;
  • Card PIN preview;
  • Paying bills with e-Pay;
  • Accident insurance;
  • Useful tools without logging into the application (list of all Bank branches and ATMs, exchange rate, currency convertor and demo app);
  • A variety of additional benefits and options.

User manual

You are new m-Intesa mobile banking user? In the User manual you will find all the necessary steps.
PIN preview with m-Intesa
PIN preview with m-Intesa
Log in to your m-Intesa application
Select the Cards option, then choose the card for the PIN check
Select the PIN option
Press and hold the Show PIN code option
PIN will be displayed on your screen

Bill payment with e-Pay

e-Pay is the Bank's service available to users of ELBA electronic and m-Intesa mobile banking, which enables the payment of bills issued by providers of telecommunications and utility services. The benefits of using the e-Pay are:

  • Simple bill payment method without visiting the branch and at no additional costs
  • Receiving SMS notifications about incoming bill
  • Paying bills with just one click from anywhere and any time
  • Records of all paid and unpaid bills in one place

The e-Pay can be arranged with the following partners:

  • BH Telecom d.d.
  • JP Elektroprivreda d.d.
  • KJKP Toplane Sarajevo d.o.o.
  • KJKP Vodovod i Kanalizacija d.o.o. Sarajevo
Push notifications/Notices

Push notifications/Notices

Push notifications/Notices ensure timely information about payment of orders via m-Intesa application, uploading of e-Invoices for clients using the e-Pay and all notifications from the Bank without logging into the mobile application.

Automatic delivery of the activation key

Automatic delivery of the activation key

Automatic delivery of the activation key when reinstalling the m-Intesa application is a functionality that will speed up the login process to the m-Intesa application regardless of the Bank's working hours, given that your activation key will be delivered automatically via SMS to your mobile number registered with the Bank's system.

Payment scheduling

Payment scheduling

Payment scheduling is a functionality that allows you to schedule payments in the country and abroad or transfers to your own accounts quickly, easily and in accordance with your needs using m-Intesa.

Branch and atm geolocator

Branch and atm geolocator

Branch and ATM geolocator is a functionality that makes it easier for you to find the nearest Bank branch or ATM.



Apply! is a new functionality that enables simple information about the Bank's products and services and the possibility of applying for them using m-Intesa.

Arranging accident insurance with m-Intesa

You can now arrange accident insurance in a faster and simpler way, without visiting the branch.
Accident insurance provides you with financial protection against sudden and unwanted events with coverage 24/7, 365 days a year, in the country and abroad.
Arranging accident insurance with m-Intesa brings a number of benefits for clients, such as:

  1. Possibility of arranging accident insurance from any place and any time, without visiting the branch;
  2. Process of arranging accident insurance is quick and simple, consisting of several consecutive and understandable steps;
  3. Payment of accident insurance premium with just one click;
  4. Delivery of the Certificate of accident insurance by e-mail;
  5. Delivery of the Vienna Insurance Loyalty Program Card to the client's postal address.
New feature - DONATE
New feature - DONATE
The DONATE option in m-Intesa enables the payment of the desired amount of funds to the account of humanitarian organizations.
DONATE now - you donate funds at once and immediately.
DONATE with every order - with every payment you donate the desired amount.
m-Intesa application security

m-Intesa application security

  • By downloading and installing m-Intesa, a software token is automatically installed to secure every transaction while the application is up and running.
  • m-Intesa is automatically locked after becoming inactive.
  • m-Intesa prevents unwanted access by automatically locking the user login after three incorrect attempts.
  • m-Intesa does not store personal information (financial data, account-related data, PIN, etc.) on the mobile phone.
  • m-Intesa is uniquely linked to the mobile device where it is installed (the device's identity is confirmed by entering a one-time activation code).

In case of theft or loss of the device, m-Intesa can be deactivated immediately:

  • Using the ELBA application,
  • Via the device deregistration page, by clicking on the link: Manage devices or
  • By calling the toll-free number: 080 020 307
How to become a user of the m-Intesa application?

How to become a user of the m-Intesa application?

  • Visit our nearest branch.
  • Present one of identification documents (ID card, passport or driving license) and Certifikate of residence (CIPS).
  • Sign the m-Intesa service request and agreement.

The user of m-Intesa can be any individual holding a current account with the Bank and having ensured minimum technical requirements for accessing the system, which includes a mobile phone.

How can m-Intesa be used?

How can m-Intesa be used?

The m-Intesa application is available for use on:

  • Devices with iOS operating system
  • Devices with Android operating system

To use m-Intesa on iPhone, you must have iOS 10.0 or later version.

m-Intesa can only be used on official operating systems (Android and iOS).

m-Intesa cannot be used on devices where the implied level of system privileges has been changed (the so-called phone rooting or device jailbreaking).

For more information, please contact:

For more information, please contact: