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ELBA - Electronic banking

Why electronic banking of Intesa Sanpaolo Banka


New functions, new possibilities.

Always available

All you need is a device of your choosing.


Access your accounts and make payments with high safety level.

ELBA is electronic banking service of the Bank that enables the user to perform financial transactions and view account balances online.

ELBA functionalities:

  • View the balance and transactions accros all open accounts;
  • Free of charge - financial transfers to own accounts;
  • Making financial payments in the country and abroad at lower fees;
  • Management of templates and packages;
  • Management of debit cards through the options of temporary blocking and unblocking of various forms of payment;
  • Bill payment with e-Pay;
  • Submission of online requests for products and services;
  • A number of additional benefits and options.

Bill payment with the e-Pay option

e-Pay is the Bank's service available to users of ELBA electronic and m-Intesa mobile banking, which enables the payment of bills issued by providers of telecommunications and utility services. The benefits of using the e-Pay service are:

  • Simple agreement to pay the bill without going to the branch and additional costs
  • Receiving SMS notifications about incoming invoices
  • Paying bills with just one click from anywhere and at any time
  • Records of all paid and unpaid bills in one place

The e-Pay option can be contracted with the following partners:

  • BH Telecom d.d.
  • JP Elektroprivreda d.d.
  • KJKP Toplane Sarajevo d.o.o.
  • KJKP Vodovod i Kanalizacija d.o.o. Sarajevo

Spending management

The ELBA service enables all users to manage spending on debit cards from anywhere, at any time and according to the criteria that have been selected.
Different forms of consumption management are available to users, namely:

  • The option of complete blocking or deblocking the use of the debit card;
  • User limit option depending on the place of consumption: shop, ATM or Internet;
  • The option of restrictions is used by geographical areas: in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe or similar.

This option is only available for debit cards.

mToken mobile application for access to electronic banking – ELBA

mToken Intesa Sanpaolo Banka is a mobile application for user identification used to access to electronic banking and to confirm electronic payments in country and abroad.

mToken mobile application is:

  • Safe – it is launched by entering PIN only known to you, and which you can change at any moment;
  • Flexible – it is set up on your mobile;
  • Available – internet access is needed only for downloading and first activation of application, and not necessary for further usage;
  • Practical – no additional physical device you have to take with you;
  • Simple – application is simple for use and in case of any difficulties you can solve them by calling our Call Center 080 020 307, without visiting the branch.

mToken for Android users

The use of the mToken of Intesa Sanpaolo Banka application is possible on smart mobile phones with the Android operating system.
mtoken ios

mToken for iOS users

The use of the mToken Intesa Sanpaolo Banka application is possible on smart mobile phones with the iOS operating system.
You can become a user of ELBA service in a few very simple steps
Visit the nearest branch of the Bank.
Necessary documentation
Provide one of the identification documents and declaration of place of residence (CIPS).
Sign Request for opening and Contract for using ELBA service.
Who can become a user of the ELBA service?

Who can become a user of the ELBA service?

The user of ELBA service can be any individual who opened current account in the Bank and ensured minimum technical requirements needed for access to system, which includes computer and Internet access.

For more information, please contact

For more information, please contact