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Basic account

Benefits of the Basic account

Visa Inspire debit card

Treat yourself to more freedom and comfort with Visa Inspire card.

Digital banking

Electronic and mobile banking.

7 domestic payment orders

Cash depositing and withdrawals.

Basic account of Intesa Sanpaolo Banka for your basic financial needs

Basic account is intended for all private individuals holding a legal residence in B&H (either Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina or Republika Srpska), and not having an account open for payment transactions in any financial institution.

It is opened solely in Convertible Marks (BAM) and includes the following services: opening, maintaining and closing accounts, depositing and withdrawing cash to/from the account, fund transfers between accounts, by direct debit, using a payment card (including online payments), at POS, tellers and Digital banking.

Products and services included

Products and services included

  • Current account 
  • Debit card issuing/renewal
  • Electronic and Mobile banking 
  • 7 domestic payment orders 
  • Acount statement
How to open a Basic account?

How to open a Basic account?

  • You can open the Basic account in any branche of Intesa Sanpaolo Banka. You just need to provide a copy of your ID card and CIPS residence certificate. 

By opening Basic account you also become a user of Visa Inspire card.

For more information, please contact:

For more information, please contact: