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ATM Services

ATMs are available whenever you need them, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Services available at ATMs

Cash withdrawal

The possibility of withdrawing cash without charge at the Bank's ATMs.

Payment in installments

At the Bank's ATMs, it is possible to pay out money in installments.

Cash payment*

Deposits can be made at ATMs.

Change PIN

You can change your PIN at ATMs.

Contactless transactions

The possibility of making a transaction without inserting a card.


Intesa Sanpaolo Bank's ATMs allow you to perform basic banking transactions more easily, simply and quickly, regardless of branch office hours and without waiting in line. ATMs are available whenever you need them, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

*Cash payment available only at payment-disbursement ATMs!

Withdrawal of cash in installments at ATMs

Experience financial flexibility like never before!
From now on, you can also withdraw cash in installments at our ATMs. The new functionality at ATMs can be used by users of Visa Inspire and Visa Platinum cards, who have an approved additional overdraft on their current account.

At any Intesa Sanpaolo Bank ATM in Bosnia and Herzegovina, you need to select the option "Payment in installments", the desired amount (offered amounts) and the desired number of installments (offered number of installments), and withdraw cash. No interest is charged on the withdrawn amount of cash, but only a one-time fee, which is distributed over the repayment period and is included in the monthly installment. Please note that the available additional overdraft on the current account is also sufficient for the amount of the fee during the cash withdrawal, otherwise your transaction will be rejected.


  • Withdrawing cash from an ATM with repayment in up to 12 installments - without interest and with a one-time fee
  • The possibility of a one-month delay of the first installment
  • The daily limit of cash payment in installments is within the daily limit per card for cash payment and depending on the available additional overdraft on the current account
  • Wide network of ATMs, 24/7 availability, and no waiting in lines

Cash payment at ATMs

Deposit cash 24/7, quickly and without waiting at our new payment - withdrawal ATMs!

In order to make everyday business easier for our clients, we have enabled cash payments at certain ATMs. Search for the nearest deposit-withdrawal ATM quickly and easily here.

  • Cash payment in BAM currency is available to the Bank's clients, natural persons, users of appropriate debit cards (Visa Inspire and Visa Platinum linked to current account and Visa debit linked to avista/giro account).
  • The daily payment limit is 1,000 BAM. The quarterly limit is BAM 7,000.
  • Payment is possible in denominations of 10 BAM, 20 BAM, 50 BAM, 100 BAM and 200 BAM (maximum 50 banknotes at a time).
  • Paid funds are available on your account immediately after payment.
  • Payment is made free of charge.
Cash payment
Step 1
Find the nearest deposit-withdrawal ATM

Step 2
Insert your debit card and select the "Payment" option.
Step 3
Insert folded banknotes in accordance with the limit and acceptance capacity.
Step 4
Select the "Pay money" option and take your card and confirmation.

Contactless transactions at ATMs

Join the contactless ATM revolution and experience the future of banking today! Our network of ATMs has been enhanced with new contactless functionality making transactions even faster, safer and more convenient.

Find a specially marked contactless ATM of Intesa Sanpaolo Banka, touch your card or mobile phone and complete the transaction in an instant.

Contactless transactions at ATMs are:

  • Practical - it is enough to just touch the card to the reader;
  • Simple – your card is always in your hands;
  • Modern - it is possible to perform them using only a mobile phone;
  • Secure - subject to all security checks as with regular contact transactions;
  • Fast - the transaction time is minimized because the card is not inserted into the reader or waiting for the card to be returned from the ATM.
  • Enjoy using our modern banking solutions!
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ATMs of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group

Travel carefree, because with your Visa Inspire and Visa Platinum debit cards, you can withdraw cash free of charge at more than 10,