One new current account means one new tree for our forests

One new current account means one new tree for our forests

Today it is celebrated Eath Day all over the world. On this occasion, Intesa Sanpaolo Banka launches a new campaign “Together for our forests” which is intended for all new clients of the Bank who decide to open their current account in Intesa Sanpaolo Banka.

For every new account that clients realize in the period 22.4.-31.10.2022. year, will mean that the Bank will plant one new tree on behalf of the client. The action of afforesting new tree lines, locations that have been destroyed in fires or are in dire need of landscaping, it is planned for the beginning of November when afforestation is usually carried out. The main goal of this campaign is to provide all future generations with a better tomorrow in a healthier and cleaner environment.

“Traditionally, Intesa Sanpaolo Banka is conducting various afforestation actions, this time we decided on another type of action, which will last 6 months, and after adding up the number of open accounts for this period, we will start a mass afforestation campaign,” said Lejla Dizdarević,  Head of PR and Marketing Communication Department of Intesa Sanpaolo Banka, and added: “Afforestation will be realized in five regions of BiH where the Bank operates, and this action will be contributed by employees who together with representatives of cantonal forestry companies will realize the afforestation campaign. Clients will also be informed about this campaign through a specialized letter made on recycled paper with which they will receive a gift in the form of sunflower seeds so that they can also contribute to the planting action”.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, huge amounts of forests disappear every year, both due to the production activities of wood companies and due to deforestation without a permit, and especially due to forest fires, which most often destroy everything, so such actions are of great importance. Every seedling planted when one day grows into a large tree will have its contribution to new generations.

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