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Press release 30.5.2024.

Visa Concierge arrived to BiH - this is the first digital personal assistant for Visa Platinum card holders of Intesa Sanpaolo Banka

Sarajevo 31.05.2024 - In cooperation with Visa and for the first time in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Intesa Sanpaolo Banka presents one of the most attractive services when it comes to card operations - the Visa Concierge service. This is a personal assistant feature designed for beyond-special user experience.   The service will be available to Visa Platinum card holders of Intesa Sanpaolo Banka, thus making sure they are always in the company of the best.  

What is actually a Visa Concierge service? 

Concierge is a personal assistant service, which will be available to all Visa Platinum card holders of Intesa Sanpaolo Banka.     With this 24/7 service, you will be able to ask your personal assistant to find anything you may need at a particular location. Thus, if satisfied with the offer, you can proceed and pay with your Visa Platinum card.  How many times has it happened that you cannot find a particular product or service, either locally or abroad? However, with your personal assistant - the impossible becomes so very possible! No idea where and how to celebrate a child's birthday? Where to spend winter or summer holidays? Where to find a specific part for your car or a car mechanic when visiting a city outside BiH? Want a ticket for a sports match or a concert? Looking for a particular book or a gift for your loved ones?  Your personal assistant will surely find a solution by promptly providing you with several offers and prices. Feel free to take your pick or simply choose not to accept any if they do not meet your expectations.  So, everything you may possibly imagine anywhere in the world will be solved with your personal assistant in a few simple steps. 

How to use the Visa Concierge service?

To begin with, you need to be a customer of Intesa Sanpaolo Banka and have an active Visa Platinum card.  Holders of these cards will receive an activation message to run this fully free of charge service. After selecting either Viber or Telgram Chat bot option, in a few simple steps, you will be able to launch your personal assistant.  The service is available in local or English language. After registration, you will be able to get in touch with your assistant and start this overly new experience.  Having decided on a product or service found by your assistant, you will need to pay it with your Visa Platinum card.  Detailed instructions for registration and use of the Visa Concierge Chat bot option are available at the Bank's official website. 

What else does Intesa Sanpaolo Banka's Visa Platinum Card has to offer? 

Considering that this is the most prestigious card on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in addition to the payment option even beyond the mentioned Visa Concierge service, Visa Platinum card of Intesa Sanpaolo Banka includes several top-notch services such as travel health insurance throughout the year for the card holder and members of the immediate family.  Also, buying an airline ticket with Visa Platinum Card entitles its holder to the insurance coverage against delayed or cancelled flight, missed connection or lost luggage.    There is also the phenomenal LoungeKEY service, where card holders can access and enjoy the benefits of airport lounges around the world - for two times a year and free of charge.  For each subsequent entry, a certain fee is paid, subject to the Visa company's global rules.   Also, if not covered by other warranties, a product or a service purchased with this card (either for yourself or as a gift to someone else) will be insured within the next 90 days - if you have saved the original receipt and if the purchase is within relevant cash limit in terms of price and coverage amount.  Moreover, with this card, users of Android devices can pay with the Google Pay™ option or enjoy a number of benefits for shopping online or in stores - both in BiH and around the world.  

How to become a Visa Platinum card holder?

A holder of this card can be any existing or new customer of the Bank - as a part of the IN package Premium or IN package Prestige. For more information, visit the Bank's website or its nearest branch.