Intesa Sanpaolo Banka BiH, in partnership with Visa, successfully completed the “Inspired by Heart” campaign

Intesa Sanpaolo Banka BiH, in partnership with Visa, successfully completed the “Inspired by Heart” campaign

Sarajevo, 18th June 2018. – Intesa Sanpaolo Banka BiH, in partnership with Visa, successfully completed 6th campaign “Inspired by Heart” which was aimed at collecting funds for reconstruction of the primary school in BiH. Money raised during the campaign will be used for the reconstruction of sanitary facilities in the primary school “Mirsad Prnjavorac” in Vogošća, which is attended by more than 900 pupils.

Mechanism of the Campaign is already recognizable: for any transaction made by Visa Inspire card, regardless of the amount and with no additional fee for cardholders, in the period 1st -31st of May 2018 Intesa Sanpaolo Banka donated 0,10 BAM.

Every year, our clients show that they are ready to support the humanitarian campaign ” Inspired by Heart”, thus confirming that the actions of social responsibility undertaken by the Bank are justified. The users of these funds are very happy, and their satisfaction motivates us to plan this project in next year”, “said Lejla Dizdarevic, Director of PR and Marketing Communication Department at Intesa Sanpaolo Bank of BiH.

Vladimir Djordjevic, Country Manager Visa SEE said: “We are happy to see that this year ‘Inspired by Heart’ project is successful as all previous initiatives. It is a great example how Visa and Intesa Sanpaolo Bank BiH enable charitable giving through cashless payments. We started this project with one simple idea – to create positive social impact and motivate consumers to use their cards for everyday purchases, while they are supporting local community. And this year we chose to join forces and improve the conditions in primary school “Mirsad Prnjavorac”..

Principle of primary school “Mirsad Prnjavorac” Sabiha Salcin is extremely pleased that Intesa Sanpaolo Bank of BiH and Visa has decided to allocate the money from the humanitarian campaign for this school.

“Our school was built in the 1950s, and unfortunately because of various circumstances, and especially devastation during the war, sanitary facilities have not been renovated.  Now, with the help of the Bank and its clients, this will be done. The school is attended by more than 900 students and it is really important for us that the school has adequate working conditions, but we could not provide funds for the reconstruction of the whole space from other sources earlier.”

The project “Inspired by Heart” was initially launched in 2013 by Intesa Sanpaolo Banka BiH, and in 2014 the company Visa joined the project. The project “Inspired by Hear” is aimed at motivating the users to choose the everyday cashless payments, since they contribute to the fund of the campaign, even by the smallest transaction, and of those citizens and institutions that need additional support.

Recognizing the importance of this campaign, RSG radio, TV Hayat and portal joined this project as media partners.

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