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Everything is easier with split payments

Everything is easier with split payments

In addition to the existing benefits that enables installment purchases at selected and specially marked items points of sale, we enabled you to enjoy purchasing in installments at all POS locations in the country and abroad.

If you wish, you can split your purchase in up to 12 installments via SMS, whether shopping in the country or abroad.

This type of purchase is available to users of Visa Inspire and Visa Platinum cards having an agreed additional overdraft on their current account (Shadow limit) and effecting a transaction in the minimum amount of BAM 50.

Cards used for such purchases:

How to split your purchase in installments via SMS?

  • The payment should be made at the payment terminal (POS) of the merchant in the country or abroad (payments at the POS of Intesa Sanpaolo Banka are excluded, where it is already possible to pay in installments without interest and fees).
  • It is necessary that you have the available amount of a one-time transaction both on the current account and on the additional overdraft.
  • The amount that you pay cannot be less than BAM 50, and more than the available authorised additional overdraft.
  • You can split your purchase into a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 12 installments.
  • If your purchase meets the above criteria, you will receive an SMS for payment in installments to the mobile phone number registered with the Bank.
  • If you want to split the purchase into installments, you need to respond to the message within a maximum of 2 hours from the moment of the transaction.
  • We will notify you via SMS that the installment purchase has been successfully completed.
  • With a successful installment purchase, your funds on the current account will be increased by the transaction amount that you have split into installments, and an additional overdraft will be debited.
  • If you do not respond to the SMS, your transaction will not be split into installments.
  • The fee for using this service is 5% of the transaction amount and is charged once against the current account.
  • Purchases in installments via SMS are interest-free, with a one-month postponed payment of the first installment.

Example of purchase - 5 installments


  • On your phone, find the SMS for splitting the transaction into installments.
  • Add the new number +38762 999 545 to your favorite contacts and enjoy purchasing in installments.
  • Your response - SMS will be charged by the mobile operator according to the arranged tariff model.
  • If the SMS is not delivered due to interference in the telecommunications channels or due to other circumstances beyond the Bank's control, there is no option for subsequent division of the transaction into installments.
Everything is easier with split payments
For more information, please contact:

For more information, please contact:



If, for some reason, you want to be excluded from the SMS list for intsallments, you can contact the Bank through the channels available above.

Enjoy the benefits of Visa cards of Intesa Sanpaolo Banka and thank you for using our products and services.

Your Intesa Sanpaolo Banka.