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Housing loan for young people

Loan for young people up to 35 years of age, who are buying their first home

Loan amount

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Interest rate

Loan calculator is informative and is not binding on the Bank.  Actual offer of the interest rate, monthly annuity amount and total amount for payment may differ from the informative offer presented in the loan calculator.  In accordance with relevant legal provisions, in the pre-contract phase, a customer will be provided with an information sheet with detailed terms of service.   
For more information, see the General Terms and Conditions for Loans and the information sheet available at www.intesasanpaolobanka.ba, at the Bank's branches or through the contact centre on the free phone number 080 020 307.

  • Monthly payment
    • First monthly installment - BAM
    • Second monthly installment - BAM
    • Loan processing fee - BAM
    • Months - -
    • *Repayment amount - BAM
    • Interest rate Interest Rate First - %
    • Interest Rate Second - %
    • EKS - %

*Total amount to be repaid - the sum of the loan principal and total costs per loan, which is detailed in the Information Sheets. The calculation is made for repayment in equal monthly annuities.

Credit user

Credit user

Loan for young people up to 35 years of age, who are buying their first home - holding residence in Bosnia and Herzegovina and with regular monthly income.

Purpose and amounts of loans

Purpose and amounts of loans

Purchase of housing real estate up to BAM 180,000.00.

Loan repayment term

Loan repayment term

Up to 30 years.

Loan insurance instruments

Loan insurance instruments

  • Certified documents of the salary attachment. 
  • 2 bills of exchange. 
  • Mortgage on real estate. 
  • Real estate insurance policy pledged in favor of the Bank. 
  • The Bank reserves the right to ask for additional collateral depending on the risk assessment criteria (employment company, applicant's credit history, etc.).
For more information, contact:

For more information, contact:

Insure repayment of your housing loan

Insure repayment of your housing loan with an insurance policy with optimal coverage of up to BAM 20,000 for the first 10 years of the loan period!

Protect yourself and your family with an insurance policy!


Loan for young people up to 35 years of age, who are solving the housing issue for the first time
Loan for young people
  • Loan amount up to BAM 180,000.00.
  • No processing fee.
  • Gift voucher worth BAM 100.
  • Fixed interest rate up to 10 years, variable or combined interest rate up to 30 years.

Housing loan

For young people