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Venetian XVIII century painting

An anthology of Venetian painting


This exquisite collection covers all the genres of painting which made Venice the centre of the international art scene in the 18th century.

It includes the most celebrated painters of the Venetian school, from Tintoretto to Tiepolo, and stunning views – superb for their perspective and evocative use of light – depicting Venice and other northern Italian cities by Canaletto, Luca Carlevarijs, Francesco Guardi, Michele Marieschi, Francesco Albotto and Francesco Zuccarelli.

There is also a group of small canvases by Pietro Longhi and his school, portraying the Venetian society with a vibrant sense of everyday life.

 Also of interest is the Fall of the rebel angels by Agostino Fasolato, an acrobatic, virtuoso sculpture made up of sixty small marble figures.

Venecijansko slikarstvo XVIII. stoljeća

Venecijansko slikarstvo XVIII. stoljeća


You can view the entire collection here



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